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At the end of the year, Manulife’s CEO, Roy Gori, empowered its 35,000 employees to pay it forward by providing an additional $50 to their paychecks to perform a #ManulifeActOfKindness. I’ve decided to support and match the donation to an organization my uncle, Jean-Luc Pening, leads in Burundi, Africa: building schools for visually impaired students. The organization is called “Donne à Voir”, which translates to “Give to See”.

In the 90s, my uncle’s life changed forever while living in Burundi. In the midst of a civil war, he was shot and left for dead on the side of the road. He miraculously survived, but his injuries were here to stay: he lost his eyesight and a portion of his other senses. Despite his situation, my uncle’s story is about resilience and giving back, as he shaped his next chapter around coaching people through life-changing events.

“Give to See” is just one of his many endeavors. He leads an NGO, Menya Media, educating local communities in Burundi through music focused on various local health issues such as HIV. He also wrote and directed the screenplay of a short movie nominated at the Oscars in 2011 (Nawewe) highlighting the conflict between Hutu and Tutsis in the region.

My uncle is a world citizen hero, and I am proud to support his cause.

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For anyone who wants to support this organization, you can donate here:

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What a great success story!
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Your uncle sounds amazing Thomas!
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Indeed such great statesman like him are real unsung hero …..Kudos 👏

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Thank you for sharing, Thomas Pening. Very much appreciated.
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This is amazing!

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great initiative!